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Ageless Singer
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Ready, Release, Sing!
(a post pandemic vocal bootcamp)

  Registration now open!  Click here
Classes will begin July 8th!  This is your chance to get your voice back in shape after quarantine!

Ready, Release, Sing!  will be July 8 - August 3 


Mondays  -    1:00pm Central Time  with Tracy     

Tuesdays -     7:00pm Central Time  with Tracy              

Thursdays -  10:00am Central Time with Lisa

Saturdays -   12:00pm Central Time with Lisa

In this special term, we will focus on vocal function and stamina to help you get ready to go back to singing together again! (also for anyone who just wants to strengthen their voice!)

As always, our practices are informed by The Alexander Technique principles and traditional vocal technique.

There will be 4 sessions in the special Summer term.  Our regular price is $82 to become a member for the summer session.  This includes bonuses, such as admission to all extra events, extra video lessons, discounted private lessons and more!  Early registration offers a special discount.  Subscribe below to be notified when that becomes available.