Special Guest - Dr. Avani Patel-Miller

Naturopathic Doctor

May 23rd

12pm PT, 2pm CT, 8pm BT



The class will run for 90 minutes. A link to the replay will be 

e-mailed to all registered participants.

Dr. Patel-Miller will discuss the effects of hormonal changes on the female body, therefore affecting the voice. She will also address the role of inflammation, andrenal function and stress on the body and voice along with causes of laryngeal spasms. In this 90 minute overview, she will answer any questions you may have as well. Please email us any questions in advance  to Info@Agelessinger.com

Dr. Avani Patel-Miller is a naturopathic physician and chiropractor who adopts a fully integrative approach to health and wellness. She believes that health care practitioners, of all disciplines need to work with one another to achieve optimal patient results. She works closely with PCPs, midwives, pediatricians, gastrointestinal specialists and other specialists in the area to help address many chronic and acute conditions in adult and pediatric populations. Dr. Patel-Miller has a solid background in naturopathic principles and her approach is based on re-establishing a basis for health through education and lifestyle changes. She combines her knowledge of the body and how it should function optimally with chiropractic principles and the use of natural remedies to effect change in both the chronic and acutely ill. Treatments include homeopathic remedies, western botanicals, vitamins/minerals, chiropractic adjustments, hydrotherapy treatments, exercise, counseling and nutrition.

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