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The Ageless Singer Presents:

Special Guest -
Davin Youngs

Sound Healing Artist 
and Voice Coach


Recorded on:
May 3, 2023

Spontaneous Song: An Improvised Singing Workshop

Join singer, sound healing artist and voice coach, Davin Youngs for this playful and joy-filled workshop in improvised singing and spontaneous song. 

Drawing on traditions of improvisational singing, mindfulness, embodiment practices and sound healing, you will be quickly and effortlessly led into a free and authentic singing experience that reconnects you to the beauty and joyful power of your voice. You will also be connected to the deep knowing that your voice is an essential tool on your personal journey toward healing, transformation and change.


During this workshop you will learn to:

  • Playfully use improvised singing to move beyond inhibition and fear within your voice.

  • Explore singing without lyrics and develop your personal language.

  • Embody your voice as an instrument to carry both rhythm and melody.

  • Listen deeply to your unique sound as it relates to others and develop greater awareness around its capacity for personal and collective change

  • Have a whole lot of fun. :)

Wherever you are on your voice journey, you will walk away from this experience with a song in your heart, a smile on your face, and a new understanding about what's possible for the future.


Davin Youngs is a true musical innovator. A master of sonic enlightenment in the long-standing tradition of sound healing, he mixes beats, electronic loops, gongs, tuning forks, crystal bowls and his own voice to create immersive soundscapes that take people on a transformative journey into the far reaches of their mind.


From his studies at the Oberlin Conservatory to improvising with Bobby McFerrin, Davin has made it his life's mission to harness his voice as a tool for change and empower others to do the same. His immersive sound experiences have been heard on the stage of Chicago's famed Orchestra Hall and his voice coaching work has taken him to companies like Coca-Cola and Google.


He is also a featured meditation teacher on the Insight Timer app. and has a podcast called The Sound of You which is a deep dive into the healing and transformational power of the human voice.

This is a 60 minute class and will be  recorded.  If you purchase the class you will have access to the recording for 60 days.

$20 to view the replay
Current TAS members are free.
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