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"[This] group has been a safe place to explore what felt like the failures of age in my voice. It's invaluable to be around peers, to look back at a vocal career and put it in its place - leaving what was (but not dismissing it - it still counts!!), and reawakening what is - which is way more voice than I thought. Great tips and techniques from Tracy! I now have confidence that I can sing."

-Ellie Cutler

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Life Changer!

“The [Ageless Singer] Program has been a life changer for me. Connecting and care for self and others of the things we care about. Learning to explore and share the art of breathing, coordination, Alexander Technique, vocal technique and to have fun has been a great life changer. Call us a fool for a song. Thank you so much beyond words."
–Susan Allen

Wisdom and Experience!

I love that we “own” our years and celebrate them as wisdom and experience, while at the same time we are gathering (and giving) information about change in body and voice.

–Shirley Bynum Smith

New Avenues to Explore!

”I have very much enjoyed the platform provided by [Lisa and Tracy], a place where I've been able to talk to understanding listeners about my age related vocal problems or celebrate my successes as a singer and teacher. Of course, my vocal successes are not what they would have been 30 years ago but my fellow singers know this and celebrate with me. Being able to share some of the hurdles age puts in your way ( wider vibrato, smaller range, change in timbre, shorter breath) is comforting and the ensuing discussion often opens up new avenues to explore."
–Mary Frances Lubahn

Compassion and Kindness

"At first I felt intimidated by the experience and background of many of the other participants in the [program.]. Lisa was quick to dispel my discomfort pointing out the experience and skills that I bring to the group. Her positive attitude, compassion and kindness comes through her teaching. Lisa is very open and receptive to questions and comments. The other participants have also been very kind and supportive and I have learned so much from each of them. I am so very grateful to be part of [this program.]"

–Ann Burke

Diverse Experiences

"I am so enjoying being a part of the ….Ageless Singer - Thank you all. I am grateful to each of you. Connecting with such kind ladies with great talent, and being able to converse about our diverse experiences has been a valuable tool and resource. Each of you has so very much to offer and share! Lisa does a great job of guiding our conversations and focusing our goals. I must express again my gratitude to each of you!"
–Gayle Hartwig

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