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  • When can I join your amazing classes?
    Our next term begins January 11th, Click here for the Special Discount! We are offering a FREE CLASS/OPEN HOUSE on January 3rd. Come and experience what we do at The Ageless Singer! Click here for registration. By subscribing to our website you will be notified when we offer discounts, special events, bonus classes, as well as when the next term will begin. Browse our website, read the blogs, and send us an email with any questions that you might have about finding more freedom in your singing! Please write with any questions you have about our program.
  • What else do you offer?
    Before every term we offer a Free Class/Open House for you to experience the work we do at The Ageless Singer. Our next class will be January 3rd, 2024. Click here to register. We often have bonus classes that the public can attend. Our next class, Homeopathy for The Ageless Singer will be on December 4th. Click here for information and to register for that very informative class.
  • What will I get for my membership?
    You will have 1 hour-long class once per week. In addition, you will have access to the video recording of all classes for as long as you are a member. If you are unable to attend your regular class you can do a "make-up" on any other day. Members have access to our extensive "Bonus Videos and Information" page which includes replays from past guest speakers. You will have free admission to all of our guest speakers and special events. Additional bonuses - you will get full access to "21 Days to Vocal Stamina", a fun new idea for singing each day, plus many other helpful videos related to breathing, and releasing neck and jaw tension.
  • What if I can't make it to my regular class?
    We have a very generous Make-up policy. Simply let us know that you would like to attend one of the other classes that week as a make-up for the class you will miss. In addition to that you will have access to all classes via video replay.
  • How do I get into the classroom?
    We use Zoom. It is free and easy to get a Zoom account, After your registration is complete we will send you the specific information on how to access our classes.
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