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Bonus Class -
The Naturally
Healthy Singer


Recorded on August 16, 2023

Every singer faces challenges with vocal health

Join us as we dive into multiple modalities for vocal health. We draw from western, naturopathic and homeopathic medicine as well as wise women along the way to help our voices be as healthy as they can be!

Join Lisa and Tracy as they address common vocal health challenges faced by women over age 50, offering suggestions that they, and many other voice professionals, rely on to keep them singing!  Both Lisa and Tracy have spent years working with medical and alternative practice professionals to help them navigate vocal changes. 


In this 90 minute class we will address:

1. Reflux

2. Dryness

3. Colds and allergies

4. Inflammation

5. Immunity

Wherever you are on your vocal journey, you will walk away from this class with ideas and tools for healthy singing for years to come.

All ages and genders are welcome to this class!

This class and will be  recorded.  If you purchase the class you will have access to the recording for 6 months.

$20 to receive the video replay link
Current TAS members are free.
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